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eClassroom - Geanna Schwaegerle

Welcome to Music!

My name is Geanna Schwaegerle, and I will be your child’s/children’s music teacher this school year. This is my fourth year at St. Vincent Ferrer School, yet I have 13 years of classroom experience outside of St. Vincent Ferrer.  I feel that music is one of the keys to having a complete education.

I am looking forward to another year at St. Vincent Ferrer, and music is on Mondays and Wednesdays this year. SVF has two concerts, a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert.  These concerts are all school participation and include vocal music, band, orff, handbells and recorders.   Below is a schedule for music and important dates to remember!

Student Materials:

Students in grades 4-8 need a folder for music, a pencil to keep in the folder, some notebook paper.  Returning students in grades 4-5 also need to bring in their recorders.  New students will have one provided.  If a returning student lost or misplaced their recorder, he/she may purchase one for $3.00.

Special Announcement!

SVF Choir is offered for grades 3-8.  The primary purpose of the choir is for Wednesday School Liturgies and Prayer Services.  There are other opportunities for the choir to perform during the year such Christmas Concert, Cincinnati Archdiocese Choral Festival and Spring Concert.  Practices will be after school on Mondays from 2:50-3:50 PM.  Practices will begin Monday, August , 2017.  Choir is an all year commitment, but students can join throughout the year.  This will be discussed in the first couple music classes and permission slips to join will be sent home.  

SVF Band

SVF Band is on Thursdays as an elective for grades 4-8.  Mrs. Beth Breda is the band director, and she will be returning next year to continue to offer this opportunity for SVF students through The Music Class.  Band is an all year commitment.

Monday Schedule!

8:30-9:10 4th Grade

9:10-9:50 5th Grade

9:50-10:20 1st Grade

10:20-10:50 2nd Grade 

10:50-11:20 3rd Grade

11:20-11:50 Kindergarten

11:50-12:00 Quick Break

12:00-12:20 Recess

12:20-12:45 Lunch

12:45-1:30 Grade 6

1:30-2:10 Grade 7

2:10-2:50 Grade 8


Wednesday Schedule

8:30-9:10 MASS

9:10-9:30 Quick Break

9:30-10:00 Grade 3

10:00-10:30 Grade 1

10:30-11:00 Grade 2

11:00-11:30 Grade K

11:30-12:00 Grade 5

12:00-12:45 Lunch/Prep

12:45-1:15 Grade 4

1:15-1:45 Grade 7

1:45-2:15 Grade 6

2:15-2:50 Grade 8


Here are some upcoming dates

Wednesday, December 14, 2016:  7:00 PM  Christmas Concert All Grades

Wednesday, May 10, 2017:  7:00 PM Spring Concert All Grades

Teacher Files
   6th Grade General Music FolderDocuments for Music Class1
   Fourth Grade General Music FolderDocuments for Fourth Grade Music1
   5th Grade General Music FolderDocuments for 5th Grade Music1
   8th Grade General Music FolderDocuments for 8th Grade Music1
   7th Grade General Music FolderDocuments for 7th Grade Music1
   Kindergarten General Music FolderDocuments for Music Class1
   1st Grade General Music FolderDocuments for 1st Grade Music1
   3rd Grade General Music FolderDocuments for 3rd Grade Music1
   2nd Grade General Music FolderDocuments for 2nd Grade Music1
   Discipline PlanMusic Classroom Discipline Plan1
   Recorder KarateAudio Files for practice4
   The Complete Recorder Kit #2 (5th Grade)Audio Files for practice6
   Spring ConcertInformation and files0
  Geanna SchwaegerleBiographical Info1
  Choir FolderChoir Permission Slip1
  Christmas ProgramMusic Traks5
  • Mrs. Geanna Schwaegerle
    Grade Level : Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, KDG,
    Education : Bachelors in Music Education K-12 -Xavier University Masters in Music Education K-12-Miami University Orff Certifified 1 and 2 Continuing Education Vandercook School of Music
    Experience : 6-10
    Catechesis : Basic
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