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Welcome to junior high Social Studies and Religion!  Be prepared to read carefully, discuss thoughtfully, and think critically.  I look forward to an exciting year of learning!



Social Studies is one big story that tells where we have been as people throughout time.  Our goals include appreciating the contributions of the past, learning from the mistakes of the past, and discerning patterns of human development and growth.


6th graders explore early world civilizations and global geography.  We span an enormous amount of time, starting around 2000 BC and ending with the Renaissance.


7th grade students dive into the 1500's in North America and continue into the early 1800's.  We focus on early American history and delve deeply into the roots of our country.


8th graders pick up the story of America in the 1800's during Westward Expansion and move toward WWII.  In an effort to make history come alive, we visit Underground Railroad sites in Ripley, Ohio.  We also visit the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education at Rockwern Academy to meet with a Holocaust survivor.   



All classes will continue to learn more about our Christian and Catholic faith and how to live this faith well in our daily lives.  


8th graders focus on the history of the Church and how it grew and developed during the early days after Jesus' death and resurrection, through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and into modern times.


7th grade religion centers on Jesus:  his miraculous birth, what he teaches us about our Heavenly Father, his lessons on how to live our daily lives, and the mission that we all have to spread Chirst's love throughout our world today.


6th grade religion continues the elementary curriculum, immersing the students in such Catholic themes as Answering God's Call, God's Kingdom, Doing God's Will, and Everlasting Life.  


Every class will also explore different types of prayer; learn more about the Mass and the sacraments; and journal, discuss, and pray with and for each other.

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  • Ms. Beth Weir
    Grade Level : Grade 8,
    Education : B.A. Indiana University
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