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Welcome to 4th Grade!

 About the Teacher

It has been such a pleasure to be part of the SVF family since 1998. I started as the 4th grade teacher fresh out of college and have enjoyed learning and growing with the students and staff over the years. I also spent 4 years as the computer teacher/tech coordinator, but I am delighted to return to 4th and 5th grade. I am a native of Cincinnati, growing up in Delhi and attending Catholic schools for most of my academic career. I graduated from Mount St. Joe in 1997 and earned my Masters from XU in 2008. Teaching in a Catholic school is a privilege I thank God for everyday.  I have enjoyed working with so many great students and families, and hope to continue for many years to come.



To the left you will notice a list of related links. These are some of the websites we use to practice skills in different subjects.  



September Newsletter

          The school year is well underway and we are off to a good start. The students are slowly remembering school etiquette such as walking quietly in the halls and keeping the classroom clean. We are practicing these skills everyday along with working quietly, following directions, and staying organized. The students are also getting used to changing classes for the first time. I would like to update you on some of the topics and activities we will be covering in each subject.

Religion: The school celebrates Mass every Wednesday at 8:30. Hopefully you will be able to join us once in a while. The 4th graders will be reading at Mass on Sept. 14th.

We are currently learning about the newly canonized St. Teresa of Calcutta. We are exploring her life and work. We will be watching a documentary made in 1986 that followed Mother Teresa as she worked in various countries and helped many people. The movie is called “Mother Teresa” a film by Ann and Jeanette Petrie. I encourage everyone to watch this film to understand the dedication of Mother Teresa to the poorest of the poor.


Social Studies: I imagine you have heard about our weekly Flat Stanley lottery. Flat Stanley is a story book character created by Jeff Brown. Stanley has many adventures around the world. Each week our classroom Stanley displays pictures of his adventures somewhere in the world. Students use the clues in the photos to figure out where Stanley has traveled. Students enter their answers into the lottery and one winner is drawn each week.

          We are also beginning a unit on government. We will explore  both national and state government and learn the function of the government as well as how officials are elected.


Math: Students will be taking weekly timed tests to sharpen their retention of basic facts. We have started with addition and will move through subtraction, multiplication, and division. Knowing these basic facts will greatly impact the students’ ability to grasp more difficult mathematical concepts. It is a good idea to practice basic facts every day.

Science: We are starting off the year by learning about how to be a scientist and the methods scientists use to study the natural world. Our textbook is organized by units which are made up of lessons. After each lesson students will take a quiz. At the end of each unit there will be a test. Students can best prepare for quizzes and tests by reviewing the day’s lesson each night. You can anticipate quizzes and tests by paying attention to where we are in the lesson and unit. Some lessons take longer than others so I cannot give a regular schedule for quizzes. With daily review of the lessons, students will be well prepared for the quiz without having to cram the night before. 


Upcoming Events:

Sept. 12   Magazine and Candle Sale ends

Sept. 21  4th grade Green Acres field trip

Sept. 22  Picture Day

Sept. 22   5th grade Green Acres field trip

Sept. 24-25 Fall Fest

Sept. 26  In-service Day for teachers- No school for students

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  • Ms. Amy Luebbering
    Grade Level : Grade 4, Grade 5,
    Education : College of Mount St. Joseph Xavier University
    Experience : 16-20
    Catechesis : Advanced
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